Matthew Hollings

Head of Business Development

As Head of Business Development at Sky Discovery, Matthew Hollings brings over 17 years combined experience in legal and technology-orientated roles, with the majority of his most recent experience being either in legal practice or eDiscovery. Matthew is an enthusiastic, committed and driven member of the legal profession who has a passion and desire to see those who practice law do so in the most efficient and effective way possible and in turn deliver the best outcomes for their clients and team.

Matthew uses his knowledge gained as a practising lawyer and litigator to provide tailored, practical, technologically powered eDiscovery solutions to all legal stakeholders (in private practice, government and in-house teams) across a wide range of matters Рfrom disputes to regulatory work as well as other investigations (like Commissions of Inquiry), no matter how big or small.  The aim being to alleviate the increased burdens created by exponential data increases in these areas of practice in a commercially viable manner, that allows legal teams to better assist their clients and focus on the legal issues at play.