An electronic PDF bundle is a fast and efficient method to organise and distribute bundles of documents to multiple parties. The most common uses are for Trial Bundles (E-Bundle) and Transaction Bibles (E-Bible).


Electronic Bundle Prep

Sky Discovery has developed a Relativity PDF agent which will automatically convert documents to PDF on-the-fly based on a user defined set of rules, for example when a document is coded as relevant.  The process will substitute the original native file with the PDF version so it can be viewed in the Relativity document viewer allowing the reviewer to see the exact version that will be produced. The native file is retained and can be swapped back at any time. Having the PDF version available during review rather than after the export process provides the ability to check the quality of the conversion and flag any potential conversion issues early on.

The Sky Discovery PDF Agent generates high quality PDF’s as it performs direct conversion to PDF rather than image-based rasterised PDF’s which is low quality and can become pixelated when zoomed in which can be problematic in e-hearings.

Bundle Creation

After the documents have been converted to PDF,  it is possible to export the documents as a single PDF which is in line with most UK E-Bundle protocols, or as a series of standalone files which is often preferred for E-Bible’s. Bundles can include a searchable index which allows users to search across the entire bundle set and quickly navigate to the desired document.

Bundle Updates

Often amendments to bundles are required at the final stages. Using our bundling solution it is very easy to rearrange, add, remove and update documents in the bundle. We also offer advanced sorting options which accommodate various chronological sorting options and manages the placement of family groups when preparing print bundles.