As technology continues to affect legal processes, law firms and their businesses increasingly want eDiscovery costs to be more predictable. They also would like an “all-in-one” solution for their eDiscovery problems. Today, the eDiscovery software landscape remains fragmented.

As a result, eDiscovery teams have to manage multiple software solutions in-house, a cumbersome task that also severely limits the ability to scale up when huge cases hit. Some companies try to avoid this problem by hosting through a vendor, but most vendors charge per gigabyte. This provides a good solution for the software and scalability problems, but makes cost predictability almost impossible.

The alternative is to invest in infrastructure, licenses and resources for firms to have access to sufficient eDiscovery tools in house. This is capital intensive and long term investment that may not offer significant ROI to be commercially viable.

Due to these problematic options, Sky Discovery has tailored a hybrid solution offering an eDiscovery managed service (EMS), allowing firms access to a private Relativity environment without the up-front hardware or software expenses and the support services based around this if required.

Cloud Based Servers and Storage

Sky Discovery hosts Relativity in the cloud with Amazon Web Services. If required, we can assist firms to migrate their existing Relativity instance from their current infrastructure to AWS.

Server Infrastructure Support

Sky Discovery will ensure all cloud servers and services are running within normal parameters.

Relativity Infrastructure Support

Sky Discovery will ensure all Relativity application services are running within normal parameters.

SQL DBA Support

Sky Discovery will run queries and maintenance within SQL.

First Level & Second Level Helpdesk Support

Sky Discovery will troubleshoot any issues that arise with Relativity end-users, including negotiating a resolution with Relativity when required.

Providing Relativity Upgrades

Sky Discovery will perform all back end and front end Relativity upgrades including testing, and coordinating with all relevant stakeholders.

Relativity Processing Technical Operators

Firms have a sliding scale of options with respect to Processing assistance. They can staff their own processing team entirely; they can rely on Sky Discovery or choose a hybrid model.

Access to Sky Discovery Software

Sky Discovery will provide the custom software required to adapt a Relativity solution to custom requirements, as well as customised task management & work order software.

Relativity Training & EDiscovery Project Management Training

Client staff will have access to Sky Discovery’s customised training material focusing on both the Relativity environment and eDiscovery project management. This will be delivered through a combination of Sky Discovery’s training module platform and in-person seminars.

Best Practice Workflow

Sky Discovery will provide access to template workspaces, default workflow and other Relativity value-adds.