Sky Discovery consultants understand that Complex litigation is the category of cases requiring more intensive judicial management.

Complexity may be determined by multiple parties, multiple lawyers, geographically dispersed plaintiffs and defendants, numerous expert witnesses, complex subject matter, complicated testimony concerning causation, procedural complexity, complex substantive law and extensive discovery .

Working with your team and advising on the most appropriate advanced features and tools in the review software, our experts are able to map out best practice workflows and strategies to effectively manage your review.

Multiple Parties, Multiple Lawyers, Geographically Dispersed Plaintiffs And Defendants

Sky Discovery utilises Relativity, the most feature rich eDiscovery platform in the market to provide a seamless experience from start to finish for clients and their litigation projects.

Relativity handles review projects of all sizes large or small and provides teams online access 24/7 via its secure web interface.

Basic users can be up and running in the software in as little as 10 minutes of training—with all the functionality they need to review quickly.

Numerous Expert Witnesses

Relativity supports online mobile use and binders lets you quickly and easily share your most important documents. You can search, annotate, and prepare documents on your computer and tablet – and even offline on your iPad.

Complex litigation matters frequently rely heavily on experts who need access to key documents. Historically printsets would need to be assembled and shipped requiring up to a week turnaround time. This feature allows instant, extremely user friendly yet secure document access to experts globally.

Fact Manager

Complex Subject Matter & Complicated Testimony Concerning Causation

Let our project managers help you build your case by connecting facts and issues to documents, then present them all within a customizable timeline within the software using the fact manager tool. Fact Manager lets you present alternative theories about the case, and organise material into an organised chronology to be presented by your barristers.

Extensive Discovery

Complex litigation often includes a large amount of Discovery material that often requires sophisticated tools to effectively and efficiently review. Relativity offers several tools that help address these issues.

Near Duplicate Detection

Multiple versions of documents are frequently distributed across an organisation. Near Duplicate Detection (NDD) identifies all similar documents across the dataset and allows you to review them together. This feature can massively speed up review for datasets with large amounts of near duplicates.

Email Threading

Email threading identifies all emails that are part of the same chain. This feature also identifies all emails which are subset emails to later emails in the same chain. These subset emails can be excluded from main review.

Assisted Review

Computer-assisted review helps you accelerate your review process by amplifying your team’s efforts across any substantial document set. In computer-assisted review, experts provide coded documents to a system in the form of seed sets, and the system applies their decisions to the rest of the document universe through an iterative workflow managed by the review team.

Complex Damage Determinations

We have developed a compensation module that allows the firm to estimate projected losses and compensation for the matter, all managed within the Relativity database.