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Sky Discovery is a leading independent eDiscovery firm.  The company focuses on building strategic relationships with lawyers who require outstanding e-Discovery services to achieve successful outcomes on disputes, investigations and regulatory matters.  Sky Discovery is renowned in the market for having one of the most experienced  teams of e-Discovery experts, a 24/7 service model and technological and service innovations that underpin speed and quality whilst providing demonstrable cost savings.

Sky Discovery is founded on the ethos that eDiscovery expertise and technology should help lawyers achieve better outcomes for their clients. Key characteristics which distinguish us from our competition include:

  • Expert Team & Proactive Advice– Sky Discovery consultants combine deep eDiscovery knowledge, an average of 12 years eDiscovery experience and provided expertise in eDiscovery landmark matters re predictive coding including McConnell Dowell Constructors (Aust) Pty Ltd v Santam Ltd & Ors (No 1) (2016) and Pyrrho Investments Limited v MWB Property Limited [2016] .
  • Consistent 24/7 support– expert support from a dedicated consultant backed up by an experienced team located across Australia, India and the UK. Service consistency is underpinned by our proprietary matter management platform to ensure efficient and fast delivery of eDiscovery tasks.
  • Automation & Fixed Fee Billing for Common Tasks– Sky Discovery creates technological innovations that underpin speed and quality of service providing demonstrable cost savings across essential day to day services such as elimination of specific fees, hyperlinking affidavits, other party imports, disclosure exports and printset preparation.
  • Complementary Partnerships– Sky Discovery builds long term strategic relationships with law firm clients. Sky Discovery is owner managed, not beholden to financial investors, focused entirely on eDiscovery and does not offer legal review or other services that compete with law firm clients. Our goal is to act as a firm’s in-house eDiscovery team.
  • Cross-border Expertise-Sky Discovery assists with matters across all corner of the globe and is familiar with court requirements in all the major jurisdictions.