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The Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety on the eve of a Four Corners program that, a year after horrifying allegations at the South Australian government-run Oakden Aged Mental Health Care, detailed more shocking examples of ill treatment.

Investors have wiped almost $500 million off the share prices of four of the nation’s largest aged-care operators following the announcement of a royal commission into the sector amid allegations of abuse and neglect of the elderly.

Having just come off the back of working with financial services companies during the banking Royal Commission, Sky Discovery is best placed to assist with future Royal Commission production requirements for the newly announced Aged Care Royal Commission.

Sky Discovery, with it’s offices across Australia, India and also in London, is in a unique position in the Australian market to offer a ‘follow the sun’ consultancy model to meet the demands of 24/7 electronic data collection, electronic document processing, electronic document review and document production requirements. Sky Discovery has also developed streamlined workflows to assist legal teams in speeding through the document review and comply with document production deadlines:This includes:

• At the outset of the review, creation of production templates in accordance with the Royal Commission’s production protocol, saving time when it comes to the first document production

• Up-front category tagging in Relativity in accordance with the Royal Commission’s protocol

• Email threading so only the unique and often last email in the thread is available for review by the legal team

• Simplified coding layout to minimize the number of mouse clicks when navigating and tagging documents

• Rolling advanced saved search creation to identify and remove from review not relevant documents

• Rolling PDF conversions of relevant documents to avoid lengthy time for PDF conversion when it comes to production of the documents

Sky Discovery was able to assist a client during the most recent Royal Commission after they received a notice to produce with a 7 day production deadline.Making the most of Sky’s consultancy team and the workflow above, Sky Discovery processed and uploaded to Relativity data across 53 email accounts, ran multiple searches, and the client conducted the review in Relativity.At the conclusion of the review, the client complied with the Royal Commission deadline, producing over 9,000 documents.

Sky Discovery has experienced consultants who have developed workflows to best assist several clients respond to Royal Commission production requests. From the document collection, the electronic management, review and production process, it is important that the process is seamless and specifically designed to ensure compliance with a Royal Commission’s demanding timetable. Sky Discovery is best placed to be your partner in this process.

If you are interested to discuss Sky Discovery’s innovative workflows for Royal Commission requests to produce, please contact the team at  to arrange a consultation.

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