To Active Learn , or Not Active Learn, that is the Question

To Actively Learn or Not

Active Learning – Relativity 9.6

The significance of the latest release of Relativity 9.6 is the inclusion and integration of Active Learning within the software. What this means is that we have Assisted Review version 2.0 or, as it is
more commonly known as, Active Learning. One that requires less setup and administration than the traditional Assisted Review workflow but more importantly gets the review team looking at the most important documents faster.

An immediate advantage of this is that less set up and admin means that every matter, regardless of size, is reviewable using Active Learning. Added to this are the features that mean you can target
your review (whether you are looking at prioritisation or ensuring you are covering a wide range of your review set etc.) and finally, the speed of learning from the SVM technology means that the reviewer experience is streamlined.

By having all three of these elements in place means that you are not just encouraging the use of the technology but need to find a good reason why you shouldn’t use it.

If that isn’t enough of a carrot, one major disadvantage of an Assisted Review workflow is how you deal with new data added to the matter, which as we all know is not uncommon. New documents added during an Assisted Review Project require training and this adds another level of administration to the project. This process is no longer required using Active Learning.

But how do I know when the review is complete? A valid question and one that has been answered by means of the Elusion Testing. In a nutshell this is when the system goes through what is predicted as Not Relevant or Not coded to determine the number of relevant documents missed. This sample is administered using rank cut off, confidence level and margin of error similar that used in the Assisted Review.

Sky Discovery has prided itself on using the latest and best technology to enhance the eDiscovery process, so it was a no-brainer that it was one of the first vendors to upgrade to this latest version of Relativity. If you would like to learn more or have any questions on this or other new features in Relativity 9.6 please contact the team at to arrange a consultation.

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