Artificial Intelligence Makes Audio and Video Searchable

AI solutions make digital information which used to be deemed inaccessible, now very much accessible through search and retrieval.

In my experience, in the past audio has always been something that is just parked during legal review, and in the main ignored due to the inaccessibility and expense of reviewing the content.  It is generally an excepted argument to say that the costs of reviewing audio are unproportionate, and not something which needs to be considered in a reasonable search for relevant material.

But things are changing and as the hype preceding Artificial Intelligence is now becoming a reality, AI is now being used in many different guises and in ways only thought possible in Sci-Fi movies.  Sky Discovery has a number of new AI features integrated into Relativity to address these issues.  The biggest game changer right now seems to be the auto-transcription technology.

Sky Discovery can offer full transcription of audio and video files delivered autonomously using cutting edge AI technology which is scalable to accommodate 1000’s of hours. Video and audio files can be uploaded and pushed to our auto-transcription service in just a few simple clicks. The results provide you with a full text transcript which is indexed and searchable; sitting alongsid the rest of the text based electronic material.

The integrated media viewer plays and synchronises the audio with the text, allowing users to jump to any section in the video and see the transcribed text being highlighted, or by clicking on the text transcript to jump into that section of the video.

This all sounds too good to be true so it must be expensive, right?  Absolutely not, with no minimum cost or setup charge, the per hour rate is a tiny fraction of what it would be when compared with analysing audio data in any other way.

This new technology really does raise the bar and has true wow factor. Audio content is no longer a pain point in Disclosure, talk to the team at Sky Discovery to see how this solution could assist you with your matters.

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