Instantly Understand Your Data with Visualisation

Data may be made up of one’s and zero’s but you shouldn’t need to be Cypher from The Matrix to be able to decipher the content and understand what is held within it.  With modern eDiscovery tools, it is possible to gain a true understanding of what is contained within the data very quickly and easily. Whether it’s in response to a dispute, an investigation or proactive information governance, visualising your data instantly shines a light on the contents of your data.

Legal document review has come a long way since the acceptance of Technology Assisted Review (TAR), but even before undertaking the TAR process there are effective ways of applying technology to reduce the volume.

In the blink of an eye you want to be able to understand where the important information is likely to be located. Are there any gaps within a particular date period? How responsive are the keywords?  As well as responsiveness, how responsive are keywords in relation to a particular data source, or a custodian, or within a specific domain? Being able to answer these questions quickly and easily allows you to prioritise and focus your review.

Visualisation of data is critical in order to quickly and easily understand what is contained within voluminous data sets.  With the use of graphs and charts, priority lists and heatmaps, it is possible to identify sources which contain important relevant data and prioritise it early on.

Addressing this need, Sky Discovery offer dynamic dashboards and visual reports to help increase efficiency and reduce costs. From dashboards you can generate sample sets to see if the right information will be pushed through to review.  Easy to understand reports allow you to validate and scrutinise keyword terms by drilling down from a high level summary report to the actual documents, showing the keywords in context prior to the document review stage.

Furthermore, our suite of business intelligence reports show the expected costs based on the initial culling options.  Moving into the review stage, we can monitor the progress of the review, the speed and efficiency of the review and the costs incurred against budget. This information is valuable to a number of different stakeholders and allows for business decisions to be made quickly, maintaining efficiency and reducing overall costs.

The antiquated method of running keywords terms blindly, then trawling through oceans of irrelevant material in the hope of seeing a glimpse of what you are looking for is an expensive and ineffective method. It is mind-numbingly boring for the junior lawyers churning through this stuff, frustrating for the case strategists who feel like they are looking for a needle in a haystack and bewildering to the client who is paying for it all and who has trouble understanding how this can possible be an accepted method of identifying relevant material.

With these types of tools allowing lawyers to interrogate data earlier in the process, we are seeing more litigations progressing due to having a better understanding of the risk profile upfront. We have seen instant cost saving when applying a visualised approach, so let the power of data visualisation be the starting point of your next case.





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