Sky Discovery uses the latest Relativity processing engine to filter and process client data without it ever leaving the Relativity environment. As it is hosted in a cloud environment it is highly scalable allowing us to increase throughput at a moment’s notice when we experience high workloads.

Since we process and review in the same platform, this reduces the amount of time taken to stage and load data and quickly prepare a dataset for review.

The engine provides a straightforward 5 step workflow which takes the data from raw native files to review quicker than ever before with fewer manual steps. Less effort monitoring your processing jobs, and quick and easy error handling, allows us to offer processing at considerably low cost without compromising the quality of the output.

With full metadata and container extraction, domain parsing, bulk password decryption and native application imaging, Sky Discovery delivers a total processing solution.

An inventory stage gives you quick insight into your processing set and allows us to filter out junk before fully processing files, saving time processing unwanted data sources.

Processing errors and exceptions can be managed and address at the review stage, again saving time manually repairing data which is obviously not relevant.

Bulk password decryption

If there is a list of known passwords, password protected files can be automatically decrypted during the processing phase. This allows for all metadata to be extracted from the files so they are indexed and become searchable.

Near Duplicate Detection

Multiple versions of documents are frequently distributed across an organisation. Near Duplicate Detection (NDD) identifies all similar documents across the dataset and allows you to review them together. This feature can massively speed up review for datasets with large amounts of near duplicates.

Email Threading

Email threading identifies all emails that are part of the same chain, this allows you to only review the end-of-chain emails or bulk tag all emails in a chain and avoid having to read the same email over-and-over again.