Core Values

Deliver Satisfaction Through Service – At Sky Discovery we believe you can never over-service your client. We are always looking at things from the clients prospective. We pride ourselves on our high quality service levels and impeccable customer service which is responsive at all times.

Embrace and Drive Change – In a constantly evolving technology market, Sky Discovery will strive to bring the latest tools and features to the UK market, driving positive changes and efficiencies for its clients

Pursue Growth and Learning – Allowing team members to keep ahead of the field is a core focus for us as a leading high end technology consultancy business. Team members are constantly upskilling and taking their latest training modules to keep on top of the software developments and updates. Sharing knowledge and nurturing new talent is also an important part of our growth strategy.

Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication – Transparency about our services, our billing and charge out rates is a key driver for us to build open and honest relationships with our clients. We will provide professional advice and we won’t put forward any solutions that we don’t believe will deliver positive results.

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit – We believe our staff are the most valuable asset to the Sky Discovery business. By creating a harmonious and flexible working environment where they can thrive and develop themselves is paramount to the business succeeding and providing high end services to our clients where they will be rewarded for excellence.

Be Passionate and Determined – Sky Discovery employs people that are passionate and determined to help drive the business forward and to evolve in a market that is constantly changing. We employ self-motivated and educated staff members that are proactive and want to excel in their roles.

Be Humble – We believe that humility is a desirable trait and we have set up easily accessible feedback and rating channels for clients to constantly update us on how we are doing in terms of services and our dealings with any areas of our service offering so that we can constantly strive to improve on our delivery. We see constructive feedback as an opportunity to grow and improve and ultimately provide better project deliverables.